Creative and innovative actor in light entertainment and events !


Events and cultural events
• Heritage valuation
• Projection and video mapping
• Nocturnal journey


Hand-sewn scenographies
• Decor,  Staging, Projection
• Equipment
• Technical management


Multimedia professional equipment
• Rent and sale
• Integration
• Technical services


Innovative highlight for companies
• Custom light pack
• Environmentally conscious device
• Communicating visual solution






These days...

Lights and Youth in Murten

Welcome to The Morat Light Festival

  • Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d'images (Images lighters) participates at the Murten Light Festival: lights up bridges and arrows, original decoration in the trees , and on the ramparts...

    On the walls of the school, an iconoclastic, smiling and  dynamic scenario plays on the memories of youth.

    Murten 2019, Festival of Youth?

    > From 16 to 27 January 2019, to 6pm to 10 pm in the Old Town of Murten, Switzerland