These days...

Illuminations in Lausane

And stars over the clouds...

  • The Allumeurs d'images are inspired by the words of Victor Hugo to ask a sublime view of the cityof Lausanne, as an ode to its nature.

    “Lausanne is a block of picturesque houses, spilling over two or three hills, which spread from the same central knot, and are crowned by a cathedral like a tiara. I was on the esplanade of the church, in front of the door, and thus at the top of the town. I saw the lake over the roofs, the mountains over the lake, clouds over the mountains, and stars over the clouds. It was like a staircase where my thoughts climbed step by step and broadened at each new height.”
    Le Rhin, 1842

    > 13-minutes show from 13 to 23 December at 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm, Lausanne City Hall, Switzerland.

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