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Covid19 prevention and protection

Products adapted to the performing arts

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Lyon Festival of Lights

A very small history of light

Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th December 2019, place des Terreaux, Lyon, France

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  • The Allumeurs d'images are celebrating their big return to the Place des Terreaux  for the Lyon Festival of Lights  in France... Their new original creation pays a poetic homage to the indispensable workers of the show: the technicians! A show that also questions our ability to live without electricity

    Work nominated for the Trophy of Lights France 3:
    Vote for us here

    "A very small light story"
    Place des Terreaux, Festival of Lights of Lyon

    > Thursday 5th and Sunday 8th from 7pm to 11pm
    > Friday 6th and Saturday 7th from 8pm to midnight

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Trophy partners

Recognition for "Les Allumeurs d'images

Festival of Lights of Lyon #LDF2019

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  • The Partners Trophy of the 2019 Festival of Lights is awarded to ... Spectaculaires for "A very little story of light"!

    Our show "A very little story of light" projected place des Terreaux was rewarded by the Partners Trophy of the Festival of Lights of Lyon.

    This is the second time that a creation of Allumeurs d'images is distinguished by one of the largest light festival in the world (1.8 million viewers last year) ... >>>

  • >>> ... In 2008 already, our projection "The little giant" received the distinction of the spectators by being awarded the Grand Prix of the public.

    A renewed recognition by the professional actors and the sponsors of the festival.
    "This is a real reward for our entire team after four intense months of graphic production, four days of non-stop projection and 200% technical driving!" commented Benoit Quéro, founding president of Spectaculaires, Imagers of images.

    Photo credits: Trophy © Muriel Chaulet
    © Spectaculaires

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Murten, Village Square

Welcome to The Murten Light Festival

Murten, Switzerland / January 15-26, 2020

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  • After a 2019 edition which attracted over 85,000 spectators, the Murten Lights Festival returns illuminates the Swiss winter for the 5th year! In 2020, the "Village square" hosts a traveling cinema. A swollen, theatrically and joyfully  light show!

    > from January 15 to 26, 2020, from 6 to 10 p.m., Old Town of Murten, Switzerland

    © Spectaculaires, images of the 2019 Show

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Trans Musicales 2019

Creative innovation!

5th to 8th December 2019, Rennes, France

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  • Spectaculaires, partner and patron of the Trans, sheds light on the 40th Trans Musicales Meeting of Rennes.

    ● All the line-up on the Trans website

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Swirl of fun in Blandy

lights at the castle

December 20 to January 5, Blandy-Lès-Tours

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  • To celebrate Christmas in Blandy, Spectaculaires imagines an immersive atmosphere with a thousand sparkles, like many colorful flakes. Spectaculaires also projects a small theater of shadows playing with naive landscapes, fantastic silhouettes, surrealist compositions, on the ramparts of the castle.

    A Christmas trip to the door of the dream!

    > from December 20 to January 5, 2019
    Blandy-les-Tours Castle

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St. Peter's Cathedral Regensburg

Gothic lights

September 22 to 29, 2019, Regensburg, Germany

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  • Games of lights and colors reveal the beauty and the treasures of the Cathedral Saint-Pierre of Regensburg to celebrate the 150 years of the completion of the arrows. #DomStPeter #Regensburg #videomappping

    ●   from 22 to 29 September 2019, St. Peter's Cathedral, Rastibon (Regensburg), Germany

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The Return of the Little Giant!

10 years of light festival

Sharjah Light Festival, Februeary 05-12, 2020

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  • The Little Giant of Spectaculaires is back on the façade of Al Qasba of Sharjha for the 10th anniversary of the  Festival of Light.

    Appeared in 2011 to launch the first Sharjah Light Festival, the Little Giant returns 10 years later to immerse ourselves in the beauty and adventure of this childhood dream story which reveals its treasure chest.

    Dates: February 05-15
    Location: Al Qasba - Exterior facade
    Hours: 6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. weekdays, 6:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m. weekends

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Winter Night in Landerneau

Metamorphosis of a city

Landerneau, France, December 5th to January 5th

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  • Winter Night takes you to the heart of Landerneau for a bright and poetic journey.

    Contemporary, original and interactive scenographies invite you to wander the streets of the city center and discover its heritage transformed by light.

    > from December 5th to January 5th, Landerneau, Brittany, France

    Photo credits: © Nicolas Ollier / © Spectaculars

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Singapore Night Festival

Under the stars of Asia

August 16 to 24, Singapore

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  • Spectaculaires (Spectacular, Image Lighters) realize two original creations for the Singapore Night Festival:

    > A monumental video show on the facade of the National Museum in Singapore

    > a 360 ° projection on the trunk of a bayan, a sacred tree, celebrating the legend of Ramayana.

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Iliz Veur, contemplation and walking in Quimper

Breton Soul

from December 13 to January 5, 2019, Quimper, France

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  • Christmas in Quimper returns with Iliz Veur, a monumental projection on the facade of the Saint-Corentin cathedral which evokes the cathedral builders while a night tour reveals 4 emblematic places in the city center.

    This year, some works of Lucien Pouëdras and of the Museum of Fine Arts flourish on the walls of the square in tribute to the Breton soul.

    > from December 13 to January 5, 2019

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William Cathedral

Monumental contemplation

Bayeux, from November 30 to January 4th

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  • To mark the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings won by William the Conqueror against England, Spectaculaires restores  the famous Bayeux tapestry in monumental projection in its original setting:  the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Bayeux...

    A contemplative event of the Tourist office Bayeux Intercom, as high as this UNESCO world heritage

    > from November 30 to January 4