Broceliande, an under-control scenographic path

An automated visit of la Porte des Secret in Paimpont, Broceliande

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  • House of Broceliande "La Porte des Secrets" (the Secrets Door)[Paimpont - 35]

    Objective: automate the visit staged by the museum "La Maison de Brocéliande" respecting the magic and the mystery of the place.

    Stake: complexity of the implementation, discretion of the equipments, simple control of the device by the ones in charge of the reception.

    Supply, programming and audiovideo encoding of the scenographic path, completely automated in Scénovision ® (300 m ²).

    Contracting authority: association of local authorities of Broceliande / master of work: La Prod est dans le Pré

    Photos: © Gil Fauconnier - La Prod est dans le Pré - Spectaculaires