The Oscars d’Ille et Vilaine Ceremony - Rennes

A custom scenography for innovative companies

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  • Taking into account the tone of the forward-looking and innovative Oscars, Spectaculaires proposes a scenography in perspective : interlacing of lines, rise of the decoration connecting without break the horizontal with the vertical. This sober and contemporary installation makes way for the actors of the event. Furthermore, to answer the imperative of the direct television broadcast, the scenic device (in particular light) is completely adapted to the constraints of a TV studio set.

    Photos of Oscars 2013 and 2014 - © Spectaculaires - All rights reserved.

  • A complete service:

    ● Design and construction of the scenic dressing ● Video: government, video projection, foldbacks on scene ● Light and sound system ● Lights, sound and video government ● Assembly/dismantling