The “Stork celebrating” Festival, cultural walk in the Rochefort Country’s heritage

Shows and enlightenment the duration of a weekend !

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  • For 1998 years, Stork in Party, cultural, artistic and playful event, organized by the Conurbation of Rochefort Country and operated by Spectaculaires, settles down the duration of a weekend in a site of Rochefort Country.

    In 2011, Ile d’Aix, known and recognized for its beauty and architectural and historic heritage, welcomed the event.

    Lighting, night-street shows, enchantment, tales and legends seduce children and adults !

    Photo credits: © Bernard Gautier / reserved rights

  • Stork in party

    Discover the heritage through the magic of the creations, a world of legends to be lived, night street shows, enchanters, numerous actors, a musical universe, lights and spectacular images in a magic set...

    Every year, Stork in party takes place in a different place from the Rochefort Country !