The Cathedral of Chartres illuminated at the Festival of Lights

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  • To mark the 10th anniversary of its festival “Chartres en lumières” (Lights of Chartres), the city offers a new cathedral light show.

    Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d'images created three new scenography of monumental pictures projected on the three portals of the Cathedral (the Royal, the North and the South one) for the event. Three shows up to this majestic and timeless building, World Heritage of Unesco.

  • 1) The Royal Porta: “Nef Light”

    With due respect to the brilliant builders and artists of the flamboyant Gothic, the French society “Spectaculaires” offers new images of an eternal and alive Cathedral, in perpetual transformation.
  • 2) The Northern Portal: "the illuminated stone"
    or when “Les Allumeurs” (igniters) are illuminators

    When the visitor discover according the north portal of Notre-Dame of Chartres, he sees an amazing sight:  the rose glows and an humanity seems get out of the stone, while a fantastic scenery is gradually revealed. The large mineral book just opened, revealing the polychromatic splendor of the thirteenth century...

  • 3) The South Portal: \\\"Let\\\'s see if the rose ...\\\"

    When the sun goes down, it happens a grabbing phenomenon in Chartres: the Rose of southern portal re-ermerges and lights up on the facade of the cathedral. Illuminating the stone, it seems to honor the master glaziers of Notre-Dame de Chartres, who bequeathed to us the most beautiful stained glass windows of the thirteenth century.