Plougonven’s monumental Calvary told in colors...

Plougonven’s monumental Calvary full-color lighting

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  • Plougonven’s great Calvary is from 1554.
    A registration engraved on the knot of the main cross names his authors: Bastien and Henry Prigent, also called “Ymageurs”. These artists are also at the origin of the calvary of Pleyben.

    The octagonal base of this calvary makes its originality. In a more classic way, it unwinds on two life friezes the life and the Passion of the Christ.

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  • The full-color enlightenment of Plougonven's great Calvary is situated at the heart of a territory uniting maritime and agricultural activities.

    This rural district, situated in the Country of Morlaix, near the Mounts of Arrée, possesses the most complete parochial enclosure of Trégor. As many, it finds its origin in the economic period of prosperity also called Brittany's golden age. Indeed, in the XV-XVII centuries, the parish knew how to take advantage of linen manufacturing which was sent from the port of Morlaix.