Les Luminessences Pope’s Palace Avignon

The Luminessences: a show where the walls speak!

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  • The Luminessences: a show where the walls speak!

    A creation of Bruno Sellier with a production Amaclio / Avignon Tourism.

    Spectaculaires achieves graphic creation, supply and exploitation of video, light and sound.

    Several aspects of the Palace are staged (spirituality, culture, art, ...) in a monumental show in 3D. The projection of high definition images on the four facades of the edifice allows viewers a total immersion. These images are accompanied by an original soundtrack mixing music, sound effects and legend voices : a high-end device with a sound multicasting.

    Come and experience!

  • Two sessions per night (9:5 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.) will be broadcast from August 15th to 31st in the courtyard, as well as Friday and Saturday of September.

    In September, one session per night (9:15 p.m.) will be given Sunday to Thursday.

    > More information in the website of the event

    Photos credit : © Jean-Marc Charles for Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d'images

  • Words of the audience :

    “Wonderful ! I love Avignon”