Lumières, Lights of summer, of night, of city of Rennes

An immersive adventure in this heart of light

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  • Lumières (Lights), the new show of the Allumeurs d'images (images lighters) illuminates the three facades of  of the Parliament of Brittany square in Rennes and drives spectator in a reinterprete history of light.

    A summer event at dusk...

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  • “Lumières” (lights) is also a monumental installation in the square...

    Within the framework of the International Year of Light, the University of Rennes 1 and the Spectaculaires society have created a graphic installation, mirroring the show "Lumières".

    Both sides of four exhibition modules spell the word "LUMIÈRES" (Lights). On the street side, the inspiring Light, with white letterings filled with text. On the Parliament side, colorful letterings, spangled with graphical and meaningful images, will create a real "Cabinet of curiosities" of the light.

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