Rendez-vous Place of the Parliament in Rennes, a visual, virtual and sound show

In 2012, 150,000 spectators dived into the wide world of show in large size and high-tech interactive

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  • Since 2012, to increase its tourist and cultural brilliance and its innovative territory position, Rennes Métropole schedules during summer, "Rendez Vous Place of the Parliament", original show with monumental images and interactive tools specially designed for the event.

    Photos / videos: all rights reserved
    © Eva Magnusson - © Jean-Marc Charles © Spectaculaires, Igniters of images


  • It is at the heart of Rennes summer, that Spectaculaires and Artefacto created, within the framework of the Research project MAELT*, a poetic and general public event by marrying the show in big dimension universes and the interactive high technology.

    * MAELT project: “Machine to Explore Time” cf following page

  • “Rendez Vous Place of the Parliament” is developed within the framework of the MAELT project, “Machine to Explore Time”.

    This project, financed within the framework of the Investments of the future “Technologies of digitalization and valuation of the cultural, scientific and educational contents”, aims at developing new services of visual and sound increased reality and the interactive tools applied to the valuation of the urban and cultural heritage.

    Partners MAELT: Metalobil, EESAB.