Vietnam: the Reunification Palace in the spotlight

A unique monumental Projection for the first time in Vietnam

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  • On the occasion of the end of “the Year of France in Vietnam”, Spectaculaires, Allumeurs d'images create and realize a monumental scenography projection to sublime the Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh -City, Highly symbolic building of an entire country.

    This unique show is performed in live by the musician composer IzOrel and the famous Vietnamese singer Lê Cát Trong Ly, at the central balcony of the palace, as "integrated" to the show.


  • The live music, the life-size emotion
    This singular show is carried by a live musical work interpreted there by the composer-musician IzOrel and the singer Lê Cát Trong Lý, from the central balcony of the palace, at the heart of the images landscape, like "integrated" into the show.

    Lê Cát Trong Lý, a live star...
    Winner of the price "Song of the year" in Vietnam in 2008, Lê Cát Trong Lý is, at 26 years old, one of the most popular singers of Vietnam. Her style, which we can be classified as “Vietnamese pop” is very influenced by the Vietnamese north folk melodies. In a minimalist style, she skilfully knows how to mix the Asian and western musical styles.


  • Carrier of the technology and the French know-how, this monumental show is a 1st in Vietman which has made about 1 million spectactors come over!

    An energy-saving innovative technical device...
    Based on the exact tracking of the architecture, this show implements, from its design to its projection, a technical device with high technological value including energy-saving equipments, in an approach “Light Green” to which Spectaculaires is attached:

    - Barco Video-projectors great power (26 000 lumens)
    - Mediaservers full image with piloting system
    - A set of projectors Led trichromatic
    - Sound distribution device (Line Array)
    - Optical fibers connections
    - HF light and the sound piloting